Pet Portraits – Bessie Young Photography

Pet Portraits - Bessie Young Photography

Pet portraits – Bessie Young Photography

Bessie Young Photography will create beautiful portraits that will capture your animal’s personality and beauty. Bessies love of photographing families, individuals, and children also go further into loving to photograph your furry children as well.

Pets are a huge part of your family. They really are a mans best friend. Whether it be dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, and so forth animals help us through our day. Having an animal is like having a child. They hold a special place in our hearts.


I would love to be able to capture your pets personality through my lens. All my pet portraits are taken on location. I will travel to you to photograph your furry little one.


Would you like to have your animal photographed? I will create a beautiful pet portrait. Just contact me to set up an appointment at


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Bessie Young Photography Boston Terrier

Bessie Young Photography Boston Terrier

bessie young photography boston terrier yotaBessie Young Photography Pet Portrait