Camping trip Baby!! Prairie Creek Redwood State Park California | Northern Ca Landscape Photography

Prairie Creek Redwood State Park California | Northern Ca Landscape Photography

by Bessie Young Photography

July 2016

The Northern California coast is one of my absolute favorite places to visit during the Summer. The weather is amazing, the people are kind, and the views are spectacular.  Each and every year my family and I head north for a summer camping trip. We venture up to Northern California to get away from the heat, go camping, and enjoy the outdoors with great company!

As you drive to the Northern California coast you want to make sure to take HWY 20 if you are coming from Central California as this is a quick route and you won’t hit any traffic. The last good place to fill up is Williams and then after that the next best spot is Willits. Now if you have never been North along Hwy 101 you need to know that it is desolate. There are few towns and even fewer gas stations so make sure you plan accordingly.




When I head north there are 3 things that I have in mind to see. The first is the gorgeous redwoods and various hiking trails. The second is the Ocean. The third are the Roosevelt Elk! Each and every year these scenes never get old. They are absolutely amazing and it is so wonderful when we get lucky enough to see the Elk.

If you ever get a chance to hike the California Redwoods you need to do it! The trails go from the redwoods all the way to the ocean. Most of these trails are easy to moderate hiking depending on the trail you decide to take. Typically, I venture to the scenic route along Hwy 101, the Newton Drury Scenic Pkwy, and begin my wandering. This area is called the Prairie Creek Redwood State Park.  If you are planning on making it to the ocean make sure you start your venture off of the scenic route on Hwy 101 and use the trails on the West side of the road. These trails head West to the ocean. Here is a map of the park.


Prairie Creek Redwood State Park California by Bessie Young Photography

Other fun things to do while near this area:

Obviously hiking :)



Visiting Fern Canyon

Elk Viewing

Visiting the Trees of Mystery / Paul Bunyan Store


Prairie Creek Redwood State Park California by Bessie Young Photography


Gear used for photos:

Camera – Sony A7Rii

Lens – Sony 16-35mm f4 (while in the redwoods) and the Canon 100-400mm (for elk shots)

Tripod – Vanguard

Filters – Heliopan Polarizer

Editing – Lightroom and Photoshop

All video was taken with my phone.


I would absolutely love to talk to you about my trip, photography, or anything. Leave a comment below!

Wishing you nothing but happiness and fun adventures!



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