2018 Seniors

2018 Seniors

Bessie Young Photography Is Now Accepting Senior Rep Applicants!


2018 seniors, thank you so very much for you interest in my business, the opportunity to take senior pictures with me, and be a part of my team. Here is a bit of information before you move forward!

Make sure you fill out the application below. All applications are due at midnight on Sunday, March 30th.

No application received after this date will be considered.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly at bessieyoungphotography@gmail.com

2018 Senior Rep Application - Due March 20th:

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About the PROGRAM:
I will be choosing only a handful of senior reps for the 2017-2018 school year. I am looking for young people who will represent my business in their schools, hand out customized business cards, and talk about their incredible experience with Bessie Young photography – after, of course, you have an incredible experience!

All senior reps will be expected to participate in at least 2 photo shoots, one for promotional usage & the other your own customized session. The photo shoot that all of the reps will be expected to participate in will take place between March and August 2017. Professional hair, makeup, and styling may be provided so its important to show up if and when you are schedule to. Once the reps are chosen additional information about this shoot will be provided (what to bring, wear, expectations, themes, etc). Each senior model rep will sign an exclusive contract with Bessie Young Photography to model & promote the brand.  Parental permission is required to participate. Your parent will have to sign the contract with you to allow you to participate.

The reps personal Senior portrait session must be on the schedule by June 9th, 2017.

After the first session, you will be provided with custom rep cards to help promote my business in your respective schools. For every referral booked, reps can expect to earn money toward their senior portrait session along with products from Bessie Young Photography such as full resolution files, prints, and even cash prizes. All this will be explained once the reps have been chosen.

You will also get a 25% gift voucher toward your senior session along with fun surprises along the way!

Who Makes a Great REP:
Current Juniors that will be graduating in 2018  and willing to spread the word about Bessie Young Photography. I am looking for kind, thoughtful people with vision and morals who dream big & know what they want for their lives. That represents my brand and will represent what I stand for out in the community!

First names will be announced on my instagram page throughout the week of June 3rd. They will also be announced on the blog along with HS on the evening of June 8th. Make sure to follow me on instagram and subscribe to my blog to get the notification sent directly to your email. Also don’t forget to follow me if you aren’t already: @bessieyoungphotography
I will then call every person individually over the couple of days following.
Our first meet up will be in April and will last approximately 4 hours. Please make sure your parents will be able to meet up in order to sign the contract.
I am SO look forward to working with you & bringing your last year of high school to memory!
Thank you again so much for applying—you will NOT regret it!


To see my Senior Portrait Gallery click here:

Senior Portrait Gallery by Bessie Young Photography


Looking forward to rocking with you!




Senior Portrait Gallery by Bessie Young Photography